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Presell Page man brings you a database of authority sites for hosting Presell Pages not available elsewhere!

Presell Page database shows prices and site stats

The data available includes stats like age, Alexa ranking, backlink statistics for .EDU, .GOV. .COM domains, class-C blocks and link counts as well as all the keywords and context relevant text data. The numbers for .EDU, .GOV. .COM domains combined with the age of the site can give you an idea of the trust rank the site might have (internally in Google).

Presell Page search method

  • Your keywords are matched against a set of keywords extracted from the content of the hosting websites.
  • Keyword are extracted semantically and via synonyms, not via explicit text from the sites – this makes sure that there are no site specifics in the database that you can query for
  • This is protecting both – the advertisers as well as the hosting webmasters – to stay below the radar!

In addition the inventory database is maintained only by human editors, ensuring to contain only data that won’t allow any down-tracking of the actual sites. Major goal here is to not reveal the hosting sites to keep your hosted marketing content, Presell Pages and the site below the radar of your competitors and search engine reps.

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