Privacy Policy

Email Privacy

I will not, under no circumstances make your email address available to third parties of any kind. If you’d like to use certain features, comment on the site, the system simply uses it to send you a mail if any replies to your comment arrived or other functionalities similar to this.

Besides that I will use your email address to inform you about site updates or other important changes.

Your email address will not – never – appear on the site except in your personal profile that is only visible for you when you are logged in – so spam bots cannot harvest your address.

Your IP will be logged only for technical reasons by the content management system.

If you think this imposes an invasion of your privacy, you cannot use this site to the full extent.

Personal Privacy

It is your sole responsibility to post only details about your person and your beloved that you deem to be ok to be viewed by an audience going into potentially millions of people on the internet.

Contribution Rights

You have no rights whatsoever to have some content published or left uncensored, so I reserve the right to make sure the content you contributed fits within all legal and business aspects of this site.

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