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When you go thru the inventory of presell pages you encounter a lot of different search engine specific stats for the domains. Although you should already have an understanding of all those numbers when shopping here, here are some of them briefly explained.



This metric works reverse, so the lower the better. You can read the full description here

Q: While looking at the potential sites to advertise on, I do not know what traffic from Alexa mean. If it says 4,000,000 in your description, does that mean it gets about 4 Million Visitors per month or is that the Alexa ranking. Please advise.

A: this is like the top10 music charts, but for traffic, so Alexa 10 means more traffic than 10,000 means more traffic than 10,000,000


Trust, Traffic, Age, Strength

These four indicators for a site are metrics you will only find – these are our own, internal metrics that we use to display more convenient numbers for a dozen other parameters we combine with it (you can also see these other parameters, but our metrics put our experience in “evaluating” those sometimes huge numbers)



The famous green-bar metric… this shouldn’t matter for your decision for presell pages anyway, but you will be surprised at how powerful the homepage PRs of some sites, especially the universities are.

Q: Which PR will my page get?

A: Since your presell page is (almost) always a new page it cannot be that of the page, so it’s the PR of the website’s homepage.

We create custom pages for you on the core or subdomains of the main sites – and EDU sites homepages often have a PR of 7-9. However your new pages will naturally build PR in time. As you can read here the focus is not on PR.


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