I need your list of Presell Page hosting domains!

So if you have that site list in a database …

why can’t I see it now?

Because these sites are and shall remain below the radar

I won’t give your ANY specific information about the sites, until you ordered a placement there, paid it and we placed the completed article there.

Even site keywords and site metrics are NOT directly related to the site’s exact copy…

ALL keywords, titles are all run thru various filters and generalized to remove any footprints that there might be,

so you and all others won’t find them!

But I don’t sell Presell pages as others sell their links.

I’m asked for all the places where my client’s presell pages are placed a dozen times per day…
and everyone – even very big clients get the same response every time again…

Presellpageman wrote:

No, sorry I cannot tell ya.

Client wrote:

But I need to see the web design to judge if we want a
presell page there.

Presellpageman wrote:

I am sorry, then you won’t be able to book a page there.

Note that it would be SO MUCH easier to tell you the site’s domains… but that’s not in your owns (advertisers) and the webmasters interest to stay below the radar!

So if you want to see some specific search engine stats, backlink counts, whatever – just tell me and I’ll send you that info for the for the specific offered page.

If you want to study how a presell page works, just summarize your questions and again I’ll get back with results for the specific offered page ASAP.

You can now proceed to signup and browse the database !


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