How will my Presell Page be linked to?

For most placements your presell page will be placed from all other articles with a section of documents or resources.

Your presell page will have a link from all the other articles with your keywords as well as link out to the other articles, so each article will link to each other “articles” page. (often there are at least 20-30 articles on the site, the page will have at least that number of internal backlinks – 1 from each article)

That is the very common way that sites are set up. If the site is really huge, you might only get links from a “category” of articles that match your topic… keeping themed and below the radar is top priority here – you don’t usually link to your “car article” from all over a whole website that deals with 20 different topics, do you?

On several sites those article sections are linked directly from the homepage, while it’s not on others. Placements on .edu domains are never linked from the homepage as those EDU organizations and their .edu homepages only allow linking to content that is very beneficial to the whole organization and interesting to every visitor.

So most sites will not have a link from the homepage directly to a presell page, but some sites even have a sitewide link to the “article” section (or library, .etc section) and all of the pages within that section will link to each other.

So your presell page will get a bunch of themed links from within the site using your keywords – improving it’s themed link power.

In the future you will see a special feature in the presell page database shall explain the linking option per offer for you.


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