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Authority Websites - Authority Websites are old and have a big number of .edu .gov links.
Billboard Ads - Synonym for presell page
Hill Top - The Hill Top algorithm defines a concept of hubs and authoriy sites. It can be understood that this concept says that when you link out to good sites, authorities, even competitors, it helps you own rankings.
Hosted Content - Synonym for presell page
See also: Presell Pages
Hosted Marketing Page - Synonym for presell page
See also: Presell Pages
Hosted Marketing Posts - Hosted Marketing Posts are the exact same thing as Presell Posts. Just as Hosted Marketing Pages are the same as Presell Pages. See also: Presell Pages
Outlinks - Outlinks are the links on a page "going out" ... it is recommended to have vto authorities on your own Hosted Marketing Content Page as well, to improve the overall TrustRank and put the links to your own site in a good neighborhood (called Co-Citation)
Presell Pages - Presell Pages are informational marketing content pages (advertorials) hosted on old and established authority web sites - thereby improving your traffic by giving you authority links and creating a second entrypoint in the SERPs. See also: Billboard Ads, Hosted Content, Hosted Marketing Page, Hosted Marketing Posts, Presell Posts, Text Link Ad
Presell Posts - Presell Posts are pretty similar to presell pages, just that they are blog posts and not linked as prominent as the presell pages. See also: Presell Pages
SEO - Search Engine Optimzation.
See also: Text Link Ad
SEO landing pages - SEO landing page is just another synonym for Presell Page.
SERP - Search Engine Result Page - one page in a search engine's result.
Text Link Ad - Textlink advertisement
See also: Presell Pages, SEO
TrustRank - a patent registered by Google, defining the "Trust" given of a site being imporant and required to avoid web spam filters. It is generally assumed, that sites that are OLD and have a lot of .EDU , .GOV and .MIL links linking to them, as well as a lot of different .COM domains have a higher trust rank than those sites that don't ( i.e. if the government and universities trust you, Google will trust you too... ) read more in TrustRank explained
See also: Authority Websites
Under the radar - refers to keeping site owners, urls and other specifics like titles, backlinks counts and Alexa ratings secret to everyone except the client who purchased a placement. This is to avoid search engine quality engineers blacklisting publisher and advertiser sites and of course competitors that might report them.

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