What are Presell Pages ?

Presell-Pages – also referred to as marketing content hosting on established authority sites, billboard ads,hosted contentadvertorial placement, hosted marketing pages or simply the perfect link.
It all means the same – placement of an article – an informational and well written and proof-read article about your business , your industry , your features and benefits .

This article links to your site as well as some trusted authority sites (.edus or .govs) related to that topic.

That article shall really be good for the user – not a simple sales page. It will help the user learn about the industry and business you are working in.

You know what Google says about SEO : “If it’s good for the user, it will be good for your sites ranking”

The page will be assigned a great trust-rank, for being hosted on an established domain, often 5-10 years old – linked from tons of commercial and even .edu / .gov domains – and linked from within that site using your keywords so it will certainly rank for it self – for your site’s topic and keywords!

Furthermore you’ll get the benefit of great (deep-) links to your site from this authority site – helping your own TrustRank as well.

So you can expect the presell page itself to rank very well – you are actually given anotherSERP entry driving traffic to your site.Yes, that second SERP entry of that pre-sell page will probably kick back another competitor of yours by one position :-)

And your own, linked site will benefit from these authority links, too. You will get links from an old, established site that writes about you, your business and your products!

So, compared to a single text link ad you have numerous additional benefits:

  • You will get much more link juice (link power) as up to 5 (five) links will be placed in good, relevant, informational content – that’s good for the user
  • You will get natural, human click-thru traffic in addition to the link juice – the page will rank for itself – offering a second entrypoint to your site
  • Your products and content will be placed on an old established site , often having dozens of natural, high quality, authority backlinks (.edu, .gov, .mil) and hundreds of other great .com backlinking domains from hundreds of different IP addresses
  • Your site will get an unseen ranking boost and higher trust-rank
  • Your site will get into great and trusted neighborhood by being linked from an already trusted site

Some other expert sources on the presell page concept


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