Which PR will my Pre-Sell page have?

If you plan on using pre sell pages for improving your traffic and exposure in Google rankings, it is not a question of pagerank. Actually nothing is a question of PR anymore, but this counts for presell pages especially.

The important thing about pre-sell pages is, that the content is informational, relevant, incentivizing for clicking thru to YOUR site – placed on an authoritive site with strong trust rank !

We will place your content page on a relevant site, on a relevant page, being linked from some relevant pages or categories within that site.

The value why you buy presell pages is overall authority of the domain, which includes domain age, trusted backlinks to the domain, outgoing links on your page, and quantity and quality of pages indexed of that domain. These factors are the reason why presell pages are so powerful.

Your real goal is ranking higher in search results. And by adding more trust to your site you will leverage past and future link building efforts… so remember, it’s not about PR. You will often see search results in the top 10 from pages with ZERO page rank; these sites have done great link building campaigns.

Remember: it’s not about Pagerank and we will not offer or discuss anything based on pagerank! (please see the T&C also on this)

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