What are the other links going out of my presell page?

Q: I am not happy with the links to other sites on my hosted marketing page ! … are they paying for this? – will i get a percentage of the payment to advertise on my pre-sell page?

A: The links we place on your presell page are links going out to reputable sites, ranking high in Google – sites that we consider “authorities” (usually .edu or .gov sites)

This helps improve your trust rank and own authority score based on the HITS (hilltop) and Trust Rank algorithms.

To make it short – it improves your own pages and link juice score as you are cited (linked) from a good neighborhood.

Speaking of link neighborhoods and linking out of a page, just recently the well know SEO Jim Boykin blogged about outlinks

Q: is the pagerank leaking from the outbound links of my presell page?

A: no, presell pages are not about PageRank, but trust rank, reputation and authorities… if you are after PageRank we recommend to read up on the concepts of Trust Rank, HITS(hilltop) and how Google is supposed to work since Mid-2005.


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