Frequently Asked Questions

How does the placement process work?

If you are interested in buying a presell page advertisement with me, here’s the presell page placement process summarized :

  1. you come up with an article topic and some keywords that your presell page shall be written about
  2. then you first can check if there are some possible pages and sites found in my Online Presell Page InventoryContinue reading

How will the price of the Presell Page change with the Page Rank (PR)

This question is a never ending story, and finally found it’s way into the FAQ

Presell Pages are not about PR (pagerank). Search engine optimization is not about PR (pagerank).

The value of a presell page is estimated by factors like age, trust (expressed in .edu/.gov links, traffic, search engine rankings, .etc) and finally the topic. Continue reading

Requirements for websites linked from Presell Pages

Altought there’s a lot commons sense and SEO knowhow out there on linking and link development, some major rules shall be outlined for the websites that I will link to from the presell pages

  1. Website must be legal, and must only sell / feature legal products.
  2. Website must be suitable for a family audience. Continue reading

What are Presell Pages ?

Presell-Pages – also referred to as marketing content hosting on established authority sites, billboard ads,hosted contentadvertorial placement, hosted marketing pages or simply the perfect link.
It all means the same – placement of an article – an informational and well written and proof-read article about your business , your industry , your features and benefits . Continue reading

Privacy Policy

Email Privacy

I will not, under no circumstances make your email address available to third parties of any kind. If you’d like to use certain features, comment on the site, the system simply uses it to send you a mail if any replies to your comment arrived or other functionalities similar to this. Continue reading

Presell Pages vs. Text Link Ads

Short answer: if you compare text links to presell pages you compare apples and oranges!


Pre-Sell Pages are not like simple text links! Continue reading

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