Indirect Link Building Service to your Presell Page

Building links to your Presell Page helps. This 2nd tier of links powering the page that links to you is also called “indirect linking”.

The idea here is that direct links are filtered pretty much, but moving the link juice across a trusted domain will help you even more!

Let the PresellPageMan help you build those indirect links!

Of course you could build those links yourself, and I encourage you to do it.

But please take care THAT you

  • DON’T link from your own sites
  • DON’T link from sites you already linked to YOUR sites… use fresh, new sites you never used for linking to avoid “link network detection”
  • DON’T reciprocate the links – means don’t link back to the Presell Page from your own site – that won’t help but reduce its value
  • BUT: DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT link to your page from link network schemes like Link-Vault, Digitalpoint COOP, Receivelinks or other stuff like guestbook spam – nothing that’s not below the radar… !

So if you want the PresellPageMan to build some of those links to the Presell Pages you got,
here’s a

New link package offer to link to your Presell Page

  • 7 fresh, related PERMANENT links from forum or blog posts to your Presell Page -EVERY MONTH
  • links are FOLLOW, on cached pages
  • links are embedded in relevant content, written by REAL users
  • only one domain and user per incoming link, so no common footprint!
  • monthly price is for 7 new links EVERY MONTH
  • no recurring charge here, stop at any time you like

Due to the nature of this offer, these links being natural for a GOOD reason,

  • the exact anchor text cannot be guaranteed. However 99% of the time they are perfect fit.
  • the placement can take up to 4 weeks for all these links
  • we guarantee the new links to be on cached pages at the end of each month or replace it

The Price:

  • $990 per month for 7 links per month
  • includes the forum research, content and persona creation for the identities linking to you

For further information, please contact us here


  • This service is only offered as an add-on service for existing clients and Presell Pages purchased thru the PresellPageMan service
  • No guarantee on the links uptime is given after end of the month, however if they stick a couple days they stick forever
  • No guarantee is given on PR of the pages that your links will get on … but more important – these will be RELEVANT links – related to the topic of your Presell Page
  • Price and offer are subject to availability and can be discontinued at any time

For further information, please contact us here

Check it out or let me know if you have custom needs and want more links built to your page.


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