How does the placement process work?

If you are interested in buying a Presell Page advertisement with me, here’s the Presell Page placement process summarized :

  1. you come up with an article topic and some keywords that your Presell Page shall be written about
  2. then you first can check if there are some possible pages and sites found in my Online Presell Page Inventory
  3. then you can mail me with your requirements, and I’ll do a manual check for placement on 400+ sites , possibly new ones or just a higher quality review of your marketing goals than my scripts + database can accomplish… this service is free
  4. you will receive a list of sites (without giving you the urls or other specifics), options and prices and decide for placement
  5. you signup and send your payment
  6. content creation and placement is started
  7. your terms start running as soon as we notify you about the placement… typical time for placement is 1,5-2 weeks.

Typical questions that arise:

What are Presell Pages ?

Why do I need a Presell Page?

How do Presell Pages compare to Text Link Ads

What are the prices for hosting Presell Page ?

Just contact me if you still have questions or checkout the FAQs


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