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About 3 months after starting a new campaign for a single word generic wrote:

Just to let you know we have gone straight into number 6 on Google for the keyword xxxxxxx. Thanks again you never let me down.

If you are going to us this for a testimonial can you take out the word xxxxxxxx. Do not want my competitors stumbling on you. Sorry LOL

We will be looking for another campaign in the New Year for yyyyyyyyy!

Jason A. / home improvement industry, UK

Paul, after getting his first two .edu Presell Pages wrote:

These are of excellent quality! I am absolutely satisfied with my purchase and will be scouring your site and buying more next week.

Paul / US agency

Jason, about 12 months after starting placement multiple Presell Pages, .com&.edu wrote:

Our business has grown into a large company in the UK through these rankings so much so that we are looking to expand into Europe. Our industry on the internet in the rest of Europe has been slow but I believe it is only time until it takes off like it has in the UK.

Jason A. / home improvement industry, UK

Peter, 8 months after starting Presell Pages (the peter, that saw improvements already 2 weeks after placement of his first .edu pages – see below) wrote:

We are already spending a healthy chunk of our SEO budget on your PRSellPages, and undoubtedly they are very effective.

Jason, 6 months after starting placement multiple Presell Pages, .com&.edu wrote:

I have seen incredible rankings for my site thanks for advice and the links.

The Presell Pages have had a real impact. I am ranked number 1 in Google for all 5 of my major keywords along with loads of smaller ones.

I am also noticing a lot more visits from the USA !

Jason A. / home improvement industry, UK

Craig, 1 month after placement of his .edu page wrote:

I am very happy with the page, and the content that your agency had provided. I’ve placed you in my book of secrets, and look forward to continuing business with you very soon…

Paul, 3 days after placement of his .edu page wrote:

Friendly, helpfull and knows what he’s talking about PresellPages look promising

Benita, 1 weeks after placement of her .edu pages wrote:

Excellent and honest seller and this is the best thing I’ve bought on the internet. It’s worth a thousand PR5 links. I highly recommend it.

Peter, 2 weeks after placement of his .edu pages wrote:

We have indeed seen ranking improvements on the terms that were linked from the PresellPages… Very interesting and encouraging.

ToddF wrote:

Thanks… The article looks great!! And the site quality is fantastic.

Jamie wrote:

This is a fantastic Presell Page, keep up the good work.


ToddH wrote:

First I thought this doesn’t work, but now the Presell Pages rank themselves…

Thanks to your service I got 2 extra SERP entries in the TOP10, which trippled the probability of getting traffic for my brand. Thank you very much!

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