Sell Presell Pages

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Sell Presell Pages – suggest your site for hosting content

Following requirements apply

  1. Site must be minimum 2 years old
  2. Site must have a good set (> 50) of existing links to it already
  3. Existing content on the site must have a value, serve as a reference to users… no data feed or PPC type sites please

Then contact me via the feedback form and suggest your site for content hosting

For each placement you will receive notice prior to publishing and can accect/reject the publisher without questions asked.

What you will earn for hosting marketing pages

Your site will initially get reviewed and we setup a sales price.

You will earn 50% of that sales price for each page.
Note, the actual achieved market price can vary from that – as it’s reduced sometimes for promotion purposes.

Please make sure you read the detailed Presell Page selling process explanation for more information.


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