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Presell Page Content Creation

The presell pages your get at the Presellpageman will be professionally written, informational, good quality content articles linking to you, not some quickly put together sales text link.

To ensure your placement will be a success, I have a team of writers and a proof-reader ready to create your content for $50 per page Continue reading

How will my Presell Page be linked to?

For most placements your presell page will be placed from all other articles with a section of documents or resources.

Your presell page will have a link from all the other articles with your keywords as well as link out to the other articles, so each article will link to each other “articles” page. (often there are at least 20-30 articles on the site, the page will have at least that number of internal backlinks – 1 from each article) Continue reading

How many pre-sell page sites do you have?

It’s not about the sheer count of pages – it’s a question of related topic, relevant information and text quality and page topics - all matching your site’s topic!

You can only place pre-sell pages on a relevant site being linked from relevant pages or categories within that site. Continue reading

Presell Pages vs. Article Syndication

Presell Pages can be easily confused with article syndication!

client wrote:

A presell page is an informational article, maybe with the twist of a press release – so what’s the difference to syndicating my content to hundreds and thousands of article syndication sites? Continue reading

How soon do you reveal the URL of the presell page placement ?

Q: How long does the copywriting take/how soon can the page go live ?

A: as you can also read in the presell page placement process description this usually takes 1,5-2 weeks, as we first have to specify the article, the writer has to write it, we do the basic SEO on the article, then send it to the publisher and finally place it. Then you will receive notification of the placement completion.


Why do I need a presell page?

You will rank better! Presell pages are placed on old, established authority sites that are note filtered by a search engine like newer site are – and having a page of content there linking to you will help you own site’s ranking.

Pre-Sell pages are natural contributions to a web-site, writing about you – and of course giving your site a quality vote! Can you think of any way or reason to detect or devalue that ? Continue reading

What are the other links going out of my presell page?

Q: I am not happy with the links to other sites on my hosted marketing page ! … are they paying for this? – will i get a percentage of the payment to advertise on my pre-sell page?

A: The links we place on your presell page are links going out to reputable sites, ranking high in Google – sites that we consider “authorities” (usually .edu or .gov sites) Continue reading

Which PR will my Pre-Sell page have?

If you plan on using pre sell pages for improving your traffic and exposure in Google rankings, it is not a question of pagerank. Actually nothing is a question of PR anymore, but this counts for presell pages especially. Continue reading

We only want one link

Q: We only want one link, not five as is standard in your offer. Thereby we only want to pay 20%, 30% or 50% for that one link, after all it’s only one!

A: Five is the maximum number of target links to your domain on a page. Many clients prefer to have only one or two links on their presell page to power very important pages. Remember you are renting presell pages, not links. So the whole page is yours and it’s at your own discretion if you want to split the available link and trust juice among multiple target pages or not.

However, reducing the number of links on your page does never lead to a reduction in cost.


Tracking your results with presell pages

As with normal text links, your presell pages are hosted as static html content. Therefore results need to be tracked by you the client.

To track traffic from your hosted content you can research your referrals from your web analytics program (as your presell pages give you additional SERP entrypoints) as well as the direct impact on your ranking. Continue reading

Privacy Policy

Email Privacy

I will not, under no circumstances make your email address available to third parties of any kind. If you’d like to use certain features, comment on the site, the system simply uses it to send you a mail if any replies to your comment arrived or other functionalities similar to this. Continue reading

Presell Page Prices

What’s the price for a presell page ?

Prices for hosting a presell pages vary a lot depending on the site hosting your marketing content.

Some of the most important factors are age and the “authority” of the sites, which means how many sites with good reputation (e.g. .edu domains or governmental sites) link to it. Other typical SEO related factors like the deep link percentage of the site, the Google page rank (PR), Alexa values and more play a role, but ultimately the age and authority of the site are what counts! Continue reading

Languages Supported

Q: Which languages do you offer presell pages in ? (i.e. french, italian, spanish, russian, polish, .etc.) ?

A: All presell pages placed must be in the language of the site – it doesn’t make sense to put up french content on an english site or vice versa. Currently we only have sites english and german language content.

Q: Will you support other languages, and which?

A: We are currently working on developing the german language market, but other major languages will follow.


I need your list of Presell Page hosting domains!

So if you have that site list in a database …

why can’t I see it now?

Because these sites are and shall remain below the radar

I won’t give your ANY specific information about the sites, until you ordered a placement there, paid it and we placed the completed article there. Continue reading

Article Style required when content is provided by client

This document comments on the fact that it is of course possible for clients to provide their own content.

However we want to stress some facts about my understanding of good informational content – content that is hosted on a presell pageContinue reading

Advantages of our .edu pages with presell page man

Some notes on the .edu offers you get from me

FYI, my quality .edu presell pages

  • are hosted on trusted domains ONLY
  • are made up of extensive content, 700+ words with well researched co-citations
  • get indexed withing a couple days Continue reading

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